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The system of meridians is probably born of the exercise (DO IN) which involves the experience of the movement of Ki throughout the body ... In Japan, the mastery of a discipline is called Kokyu o nomikomu, which means: bring down the breath. (Shizuto Masunaga)

DO: means to open the passages to promote the circulation of the vital energy
IN: means to move and extend one's joints for this purpose.

The Do In can be practiced anytime (in the subway, at work, at
home, in traffic jams, watching TV ...)
The morning : Energize the body
The evening : To relax the body

Do-In: About


Increase flexibility

Refine your silhouette

Avoid energy stagnation

Improves joint possibilities

Improve the circulation of energy, therefore blood, liquids ...

Promotes sleep, recovery

Decreases stress, anxiety ...

Do-In: About
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