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My name is Anne-Cécile, I am from Brittany (the little one… in France), mother of two children and living in The Netherlands since 2005.

In parallel of my professional career, I’ve always been interested on our body and what it is telling us. Shiatsu, by its philosophy and art opened a door on the complex yet beautiful word of body and mind unity. 

I got the chance to complete a strong training with Alan Nash and Yuchi Kawada. Following this foundation work, I am now studying with various teachers and adding to this education by complementary tools such as do-in and breathwork teacher, to enrich my shiatsu practice.

To me, Shiatsu is about connection and exchange.

I am grateful to get the opportunity to meet beautiful human beings on my futon mat, to learn from my students in the Do-in and Breathwork classes. 

Shiatsu, Breathwork and Do-In are my tools for helping each others to get to realise our own unique individual journey and take it into our hands…

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Certified Breathwork instructor (Yogalap, Michael Bijker)

Shiatsu Workshop with B. Bouheret

Shiatsu workshop : Y. Kawada

L. Fauque : manifestation technics


HBO Shiatsu Therapeut diploma
Post-graduate classes with Y. Kawada
Zen meditation
Reiki : Tera mai en Sechem


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S with A. Nash

Shiatsu Workshop (Bruxelles) with B. Bouheret

Shiatsu workshop : Y. Kawada

Shamanism : women and plants

 metamorphosis (G. Wurtz)

Reiki : Usui 


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S

Shiatsu workshop with Carola Beresford-Cooke

Shiatsu workshop with B. Bouheret

Do-In teacher diploma (Do-In School A. Hofman)

Shamanism introduction workshop with G. Wurtz.


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S
Zhineng qigong at Mi Ati


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S

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