My name is Anne-Cécile. After a pHD in biomaterials in France, I came to The Netherlands in 2005 to start my professional career, bridging science and law. Successful student, High level Sportive in my home country, i could say I am rather rational and surfing on life. On paper, everything was perfect…

Still, something was missing, I started to develop shoulder pain and sleeping disorders without reason bruxism for years and anxiety (or simply worrying), no ostéopathe or physiotherapeut could provide me with the « quick fix » I was looking for to keep on going with my full time Life (full time mum of two lovely and lively kids, full time job, friends and sport). 

Once I came to Shiatsu as another attempt to fix me…

The rest of the story you can read it on these pages, Shiatsu brought me back to myself, bypassed my rational brain and gave space my feelings, this brought me balance and I adjusted my life style to listen to my needs. No more pain, healthier habits.

This could only happened from within, Shiatsu enabled me to slow down and look at door instead of hitting my head on the same wall again and again.

I am happy, centred in my life and experiencing and living what I value the most, true connection to people, be in the now, help others to get take their journey into their hands…

This is what Shiatsu gave me, way more than a "quick fix". I am now a graduated Shiatsu therapist, Do-In teacher and life long shiatsu student.

If you are on this page, you are maybe also looking for a "quick fix" or a more balanced life or even develop your spiritual path. 

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me.




Shiatsu Workshop with B. Bouheret

L. Fauque : Breathwork technics

L. Fauque manifestation technics


HBO Shiatsu Therapeut diploma
Post-graduate classes with Y. Kawada
Zen meditation
Reiki : Tera mai en Sechem


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S with A. Nash

Shiatsu Workshop (Bruxelles) with B. Bouheret

Shiatsu workshop : Y. Kawada

Shamanism : women and plants

 metamorphosis (G. Wurtz)

Reiki : Usui 


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S

Shiatsu workshop with Carola Beresford-Cooke

Shiatsu workshop with B. Bouheret

Do-In teacher diploma (Do-In School A. Hofman)

Shamanism introduction workshop with G. Wurtz.


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S
Zhineng qigong at Mi Ati


Shiatsu student at N.S.K.S