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Shiatsu is a non invasive therapy originating from Japan. It uses a combination of kneading, pressing, tapping and stretching techniques. These gentle techniques aim to reduce tension and re energise the body. 

  • Shiatsu works with the body's energy flow, known as Ki or Qi (pronounced chee).

  • Shiatsu uses acupressure to release tension and bring balance to the body. 

  • Shiatsu can help to lift your mood and make you feel relaxed.



Do-In is an essential part of the shiatsu practice, it can be done alone or with a partner.

"Do of Do-In means to open up channels and facilitate the movement of energy along specific routes. In of Do-In means to move and stretch one's limbs to achieve this purpose" Masunaga.

The aim of Do-In is to integrate body and mind by self solving energetic blocages (by stretching, breathing and energetic exercices). 



Breathwork is a holistic, mind-body approach to mental health and well-being. It can be done simply and on your own, or it can be structured and part of a formal program. Its purpose is to directly influence your body’s inner workings to reduce stress, anxiety, and other challenges, increase calm, and encourage well-being.

 In my Shiatsu practice, I observed that for many people, breathing is not natural. How to sustain the results obtained during a Shiatsu ? To me, the breathe is an essential part of our being, which we often overlooked.

By intentionally controlling the way you breathe we raise our body and mind awareness and greatly complement any Do-In or shiatsu session.  



When the weather allows, I teach outside Do-In sessions on Sundays morning to the Flying Do-In tribe.

In winter time, the sessions are done online.

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Au début je savais pas trop si le Shiatsu était pour moi ou si maintenant ça allait faire effet. Au final, pendant un an, j’ai régulièrement fait des sessions et ça m’a énormément aidé. Ça m’a débloqué des choses dans mon corps et aussi m’a appris comment mieux l’écouter. L’environnement et très zen et accueillant ce que je trouve important et Anne Cécile est toujours à l’écoute des besoins et de faire en sorte que je sorte en me (feel) destressée. 


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